In information security, complex, but easy-to-remember passwords are critical in practicing safe social networking and in securing data in general. In reputation management, keywords are useful for searching career information online and making your information accessible to search engines used by recruiters.

Security Guru’s POV

passwordPasswords are a pain. Long passwords are stronger, but they may be harder to remember.

Create a passphrase. Use a line from a song or book, insert a number and a special character, and you’ll have a password that’s easy to remember, but difficult to crack.

For more on passwords, see http://benwoelk.com/simplifying-password-complexity/

Career Sherpa’s POV

job posting in wordleYou need to speak the right language to be understood. Similarly, you need to use the right keywords to be found online.

Your job is to research and understand what the best keywords are within your industry (these words can and often do vary by industry and even company). And once you have a collection of appropriate keywords, pepper them strategically into your online profiles, resumes, and other content you share online and off.

For active job seekers, it is important to note that ATS (applicant tracking systems) which collect your application are used by hiring entities to search and filter candidates. It is imperative that you use the right keywords for each job opportunity you submit in order to turn up in the search results.


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