Who’s Watching

Who’s Watching

Both presenters believe that it’s critical to remember you’re not alone on the Internet. You don’t know who’s watching. It could be your next boss or it could be cyber criminals. You need to ensure you don’t post information that could damage your reputation nor do you want to provide information that can be used for identity theft.

Career Sherpa’s POV

who is watchingPerhaps one of the earliest, yet most telling studies conducted about online trust came from Microsoft in 2010. The study stated that 78% of human resources and recruiting professionals report that their companies have formal policies in place that require hiring personnel to research applicants online. Though other entities have run similar studies, the data should be alarming if you aren’t already aware. Today, these numbers are even higher and have and eve greater and far reaching impact. Your online reputation can impact your mortgage, credit, school application and work. Learn more here. Microsoft has shown a commitment to help individuals protect themselves and their reputations online. You can learn more here: Microsoft’s Data Privacy Day

Things you should watch out for include:

  • Photos shared of you online through photosharing services like Instagram.
  • Photos or posts your name is tagged in on Facebook.
  • Watch the comments you make on online forums and on blogs.

Be aware of everything you are sharing online and who could potentially find it if they wanted to.

Security Guru’s POV

cyberThe Career Sherpa talks about how potential and current employers may be watching what you do online. Have you thought about who else could be watching? You could be “cyberstalked” by identity thieves, that ex-boyfriend, or other creepers. Think about the information you provide online. Use privacy settings to ensure your posts and photos are shared only with those who you want to see them.


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