Staying Current

Staying Current

Staying current is important in both fields. To avoid successful malware attacks, you must keep your software current through the use of auto-updates. In a more positive light, it’s important to employ skill-updates to ensure that your skills are current for the marketplace.

Career Sherpa’ POV

staying currentTake ownership of your career path and professional development today! In the volatile world of work, nothing is guaranteed.

Keep a pulse on current trends, inside and outside of your industry. Know what key skills are in demand. Know what technology is up-and-coming and don’t wait for your employer to introduce any of these.  Take initiative to teach yourself.

Read industry newsletter, participate actively on LinkedIn groups and online forums.

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are making it possible for anyone to gain access to education.

Security Guru’s POV

staying up to dateIn information security, staying current is keeping your computer and software up to date. Make sure auto-updating is turned on, because organized crime funds malware development. They look for flaws or vulnerabilities announced by companies because people don’t update their software, sometimes for years. Auto-updating is important to your survival on the internet.


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