Social Networks

Social Networks

Both the security guru and the career sherpa believe strongly in the value of social networks. The career sherpa encourages you to engage others to widen your network. However, the security guru discourages you from sharing too much information about yourself. He’s concerned that you maintain your privacy.


Career Sherpa’s POV

LinkedInNo matter where you are in your career, just starting out or a seasoned veteran of the cubical wars, you should have a solid LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is becoming a “go-to” spot for people sourcing good talent.

Each social network has its purpose and place. Think of it this way:

LinkedIn is like a professional conference
Facebook is like a backyard barbeque
Twitter is like a cocktail party or bar

Being social is about learning new things and meeting new people! Use tools that will allow you to access information from a single dashboard such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

Security Guru’s POV

privacyMake a conscious decision about the information about yourself that you’re willing to share online. Don’t just blindly provide information about yourself that others could use to help impersonate you or conduct identity theft. Information that may seem innocuous can be used by trained identity thieves to build a profile of you; a profile that can be leveraged to gain access to your bank accounts and credit cards. Many credit cards ask you to provide answers to specific questions about you, such as your favorite musician, where you went to high school, etc. Are you providing that information in your Facebook profile?

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