Putting Up Walls

Putting Up Walls

Firewalls provide protection against worms and hackers on networks. For career success, you must avoid cubism–putting up walls that keep you from networking successfully with co-workers and potential resources. (Yes, we know that’s not the correct definition for cubism, but it works well in the presentation.)

Security Guru’s POV

firewallsDid you know that your computer can be compromised by malware even without you clicking on an infected file or visiting the wrong website? That’s right. You can be successfully attacked without even realizing it. A firewall provides protection to your computer (and by extension, your information) be controlling access to your computer or network. Ensure that your computer is running a firewall.


Career Sherpa’s POV

cubismCubism, as we call it in our presentation, occurs when you are so focused on your job within your current company (trapped in your work cube) that you become isolated and detached from what is going on in the big world outside.

Build alliances with people in different departments or divisions within your company. Make an effort to meet your colleagues at all levels so they are aware of who you are and you know more about what is important to them and their success.

Joining professional associations can help keep you up to date. Reading industry newsletters or publications is one way to efficiently maximize the time you invest in learning.

Volunteer outside with an organization or community group. Giving back to something that is important to you helps create a greater awareness of who you are.

In short, don’t lock yourself away in your current company. Always be looking for new people and groups to interact with to develop mutual respect and awareness.

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