Messaging is important. Again, the security guru urges caution and advises you to maintain confidentiality and not share company secrets inadvertently. The career sherpa believes that building brand recognition through consistent professional messaging is important for managing your career reputation.

Security Guru’s POV

wanted for murder by headovmetalWould you want someone sharing something you told them in confidence in social media? Many of you have signed NDAs or have confidentiality clauses in your contracts. Unless you are authorized to do so, don’t be the one who shares a major announcement prematurely.

Career Sherpa’s POV

brand and labelIt’s all about carefully selecting the “right” brand. The right brand means that you have thoughtfully and truthfully categorized yourself. The right brand means the best of you and the features, skills, abilities you want to be known for. Your online brand is made up of many things:

  • What others say about you
  • What you say and how you say it
  • How you respond (or don’t)

You can help others “tag” or label you by using the right language and message in you bios and content you share. Just be sure you answer this very important question!
What do you want to be known for?


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