Empowering the Introvert Within

Leaders Come In All Personality Types


You don’t need to be the most talkative, outgoing person in the room to be a leader. Instead, all you need to do is tap into the innate strengths of your introverted self.

Quiet Giants

Where would we be today without Wozniak, Einstein, Jobs and Gates? These often quiet leaders invented some of the world’s most well known concepts and products, and yes, they are all introverts. How were they able to take their ideas to the next level and build Google, the theory of relativity, Apple and Microsoft? They led with their strengths.

The Innovator

Introverts naturally have the ability and desire to think deeply about topics, issues and problems. This deep thinking spun into innovation and new ideas.

Really Hearing What’s Being Said

Listening rather than speaking also allows introverts to make great leaders. Introverts prefer to take in information, roll it around in their heads and think about it before responding. While today’s economy moves quickly, the introverted leader is less likely to miss warning signs or overlook key details critical to growth and new opportunities.

Honesty Reigns Supreme

Another key trait introverts share is our desire to do the “right thing.” This isn’t to say other personalities don’t have morals and values, but the core of what drives and motivates an introvert is that decisions be based on facts and that we “do the right thing.” We aren’t in it for fame or fortune, but because it means something to us.

Igniting Followers

Introverts’ enthusiasm can be contagious and we know how to rally teams around an issue, not because we say so, but because we believe so strongly in what we are doing. We observe the strengths of others and tap into those to help move things forward. We analyze, listen, we’ll do the right thing!

You Aren’t Broken

Once you begin to realize all the strengths you possess, it isn’t a matter of fixing what’s broken but capitalizing on your strengths.

What’s Next?

Ben Woelk and Hannah Morgan will present:

Empowering the Introvert Within: Becoming an Outstanding Leader

an STC Webinar
10 AM EDT (GMT-4)
on October 1, 2013

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Registration details are at http://stc.org/education/online-education/live-seminars/item/empowering-the-introvert-within?category_id=53

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