Favorite Empowering the Introvert Within

Leaders Come In All Personality Types You don’t need to be the most talkative, outgoing person in the room to be a leader. Instead, all you need to do is tap into the innate strengths of your introverted self. Quiet … Continue reading

Empowering the Introvert Within: Our New Presentation

When Hannah (@careersherpa) and I started partnering on presentations we discovered that we were both introverts (ISTJ and INTJ, respectively) who had a strong interest in sharing what we had learned about becoming leaders. Empowering the Introvert Within: Becoming an … Continue reading


ed marsh dot com | Successfully merging the technical with the creative

ed marsh dot com | Successfully merging the technical with the creative. More on Security and Google Tips from @benwoelk and @careersherpa #stcpmc13 | ed marsh dot com. Ed Marsh’s review of our Bulletproofing Your Career Online Keynote and Workshop … Continue reading

Arrive Safely

Arrive Safely The goal of our discussion was to enable you to arrive safely, with your brand, career reputation, and privacy intact. After attending our presentation, you should understand how to: Engage safely online and build a personal brand. Not … Continue reading


Messaging Messaging is important. Again, the security guru urges caution and advises you to maintain confidentiality and not share company secrets inadvertently. The career sherpa believes that building brand recognition through consistent professional messaging is important for managing your career … Continue reading

Social Networks

Social Networks Both the security guru and the career sherpa believe strongly in the value of social networks. The career sherpa encourages you to engage others to widen your network. However, the security guru discourages you from sharing too much … Continue reading

Should I Connect?

Should I Connect? Do you know who it is that you’re connecting with, or “friending” on social networks? In a research study, Sophos, a UK-based security firm created a Facebook profile with a congenial-looking toy frog and sent out successful … Continue reading

Who’s Watching

Who’s Watching Both presenters believe that it’s critical to remember you’re not alone on the Internet. You don’t know who’s watching. It could be your next boss or it could be cyber criminals. You need to ensure you don’t post … Continue reading