Should I Connect?

Should I Connect? Do you know who it is that you’re connecting with, or “friending” on social networks? In a research study, Sophos, a UK-based security firm created a Facebook profile with a congenial-looking toy frog and sent out successful … Continue reading

Who’s Watching

Who’s Watching Both presenters believe that it’s critical to remember you’re not alone on the Internet. You don’t know who’s watching. It could be your next boss or it could be cyber criminals. You need to ensure you don’t post … Continue reading


Trust Knowing who to trust or whether a website is trustworthy is one key in avoiding online scams. In reputation management and job searching, authenticity is the key in how you present yourself and your skills. You must be trustworthy. … Continue reading

Putting Up Walls

Putting Up Walls Firewalls provide protection against worms and hackers on networks. For career success, you must avoid cubism–putting up walls that keep you from networking successfully with co-workers and potential resources. (Yes, we know that’s not the correct definition … Continue reading

Staying Current

Staying Current Staying current is important in both fields. To avoid successful malware attacks, you must keep your software current through the use of auto-updates. In a more positive light, it’s important to employ skill-updates to ensure that your skills … Continue reading


Words In information security, complex, but easy-to-remember passwords are critical in practicing safe social networking and in securing data in general. In reputation management, keywords are useful for searching career information online and making your information accessible to search engines … Continue reading